Our school's main profile is the long tradition of high-quality foreign language teaching. Each pupil starts learning English or German in the first year. The efficiency of early language teaching is supported by a special programme helping children to be active and creative during lessons. In the first two years, foreign languages may be studied in clubs and only orally in order to avoid confusion with Hungarian reading and writing.


From the third year, children qualifying for the higher level group will learn the language on an intensive basis. Pupils in the regular group will have the compulsory number of foreign language lessons a week, but thanks to the small groups they also benefit from individual attention.



It is very useful to supplement foreign language teaching with extra-curricular programmes where pupils can use their new skills. Thus we organise every year programmes related to English and German culture (e.g. Halloween - jack-o'-lantern, Laterna - St. Martin's day procession).


Apart from these special days, children have the opportunity to reveal their talents at our competitions related to foreign culture during the "On Stage" programme where they perform a play in their second language.


In order to practice the foreign language, pupils may also participate in trips to English or German speaking countries organized by the school.